Unlock My Mobile

Power Solutions is one of the most trusted device repair and networking unlocking specialists in the UK. While it should be relatively easy and quick to get your phone unlocked, that doesn’t always prove to be the case. Unlocking your phone can sometimes be a laborious process that requires several phone calls and hours of work. It’s a good idea to unlock your phone before you leave your current carrier, because it will likely prove tougher after you’ve gone.

Dozens of Brands Supported – These Include:

Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Nokia, Alcatel, Lumia, Virgin, O2, EE, Tesco, Asda, Vodafone, Sky, 3G, Chinese Brand, HTC, Xperia – Hundreds of brands supported.

The biggest reason for unlocking is having the freedom of choice, so what is unlocking?

It means for example you are with O2 and want to use an EE sim card and your phone displays:

Enter Unlock Code

Your Device Is Locked

Sim Error

Sim Not Valid

If you have a blocked phone, as in stolen or bills unpaid, unfortunately we cannot help you as only the carrier the device belongs to can help you with this. It usually means that no matter what sim you insert you will have no signal, or possibly a hardware issue, which means something is wrong with the phone itself like a sim card reader failure etc as a blocked phone phone and a device needing unlocked are two separate things.

Once we receive your order we will email or call you to update and ask questions about your repair. This helps us speed up the process and get things done as quickly as possible.

We do not delete your data without your permission.

You may remove your sim cards and memory cards but do not remove batteries or sim trays as this will slow down the process.

After we receive your email, we will reply with prices.

You can send your devices to:

Power Solutions
209 Main Street
South Lanarkshire

We recommend you use tracked signed postage options as we do not cover postal losses when you send the item. We do not require your chargers, cables, or boxes, just the mobile phone on its own. Please ensure your device is properly packed to protect it while in transit.

Return postage is included in the price and we always use Special Tracked Delivery.

If you need any further information please call us on 01698 844 098