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Fast Efficient Repairs Call us for free Quotation

We repair All This and anything we can 90 day warranty comes as standard with all repairs*

Mobile phones

we repair, service , unlock most mobile devices on the marketplace 1 hour services on most models of Iphones and services like charging ports and other issues can be repaired while you wait



we repair all laptop models , screens, keyboards, charging ports , wifi issue , overheating , motherboard replacements, hard drives, webcams, upgrades



Desktop services included anything hardware related, memory, motherboards,cpu cooling, full system builds, standard servicing, insurance quotes, all desktop related faults repaired here


Tablet Repairs

screen broken ? you have come to the right place , all tablet models services cracked glass or lcds , charging ports, software issues, all repaired at our premesis


Lcd Repairs

Any brand of mobile or tablet if the

lcd or touchscreen is damaged you can

use our services to get it back repaired


virus removal

we offer virus removal from small infections to serious infections that have got to filing system core , after website viruses and file structures have been damaged thus involving data recovery processes to save the information and disinfect the files structures


Phone unlocking

we offer Phone unlocking services for any model

on the market new or old  Ask us today


charging port repairs

Charging port repairs for all mobiles ,tablets,laptops,we are able to repair charging ports on many devices just ask for details


battery replacement

charging issues and battery replacements

repairs available for all types of devices

Why choose us

Quality guarantee

we source our parts from reputable sources and use original grade parts thus providing good quality services

Corporate services

we offer corporate services for mobile phone and ipad repairs as several hundred employees use them they are a valuable asset and need taken care of please get in touch for special rates for corporate customers

Privacy policy

Our company pays special attention to privacy of your data. No information from your gadget will be deleted without permission –  We respect our customers.

Certified experts

We fix it all the popular brands

Call us to get a free quote now

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